"I want you all the time."


Alan Steven Richland
Male (he/him)


Alan is a young, dangerously skinny, hypersexual amateur "scientist". He spends most of his time alone. He often can't control his emotions, typically lashing out if left unchecked for too long. He believes that if he's around people for too long, he'll fuck it up somehow, so he keeps everyone at arms length to protect his fragile heart.


At first, Alan seems to be a put-together, really nice kid. He has friends, good parents, his own house, a good hobby - But once people get closer, they see he's an unstable mess who can only keep that act up for a few days at a time. He's constantly angry or frustrated with the people around him. Theres a select few people who he doesn't mind being around, his friends and family mostly.

He's very likely to have violent outbursts when he gets upset but it's not common for these to happen in front of other people. He's spent years learning how to hold off his breakdowns until he's alone, but he also leaves conversations the second he senses something coming up. He accidentally hurts himself a lot during this, mainly by hitting furniture. He tries to be quiet when he does but he still does damage to his body. He loses a lot of control over his actions in this state, which is why he chooses to isolate himself when it happens, though it might do more harm than good. He typically says a lot of mean things to people when he's under pressure like that.

Alan, at the end of the day, wants to be wanted. If he finds someone attractive, he'll do literally anything they want him to, no matter how uncomfortable it makes him. He will bend over backwards if it means getting attention or affection. In some really desperate situations, he's accepted it from women despite having zero attraction to them. He doesn't really mind how degrading it can get, he thinks the highs are worth the LOWWWWWWWW lows.


Alan has... issues to say the least. Between abusive siblings, gender dysphoria and his little sister being murdered, he had a busy childhood. He only found comfort in his parents and his closest friends. He would spend time around dangerous crowds, often engaging in certain... illegal activities. His close friend Emily would supply him with drugs every once in a while. For a short period in his life he was addicted to Ecstasy, as it numbed his harmful thoughts, even if it was just for a moment. Emily noticed something was off and refused to give him any drugs at ALL after that, so he was forced to quit cold turkey. A few months before the start of Experiment 01, he began seeing a new therapist, one he actually liked. He knew she would have to see his true colors, but maybe he wouldn't mind this time.


● insists he's a 90s kid. when confronted he says he was "totally joking" and was being "satirical"
● his favorite food is lettuce. he's aware that this is specific and often tries to lean into it so people wont make fun of him, but it results in people thinking he's actually obsessed with it
● his boston accent is mainly gone, unless he's angry or around people with a strong accent, then it shows majorly
● he's actually really passionate about music. he's never pursued it, but he's a good singer and great at piano. he wants to do something with his skills someday, but he just doesn't have enough confidence.
● the epitome of "GO WHITE BOY GO"
● people always assume he had an anime phase in highschool. he gets angry deep down because his emo kid origins need to be recognized.
● very quick to lie if he believes it'll keep him 'safe' (safe being avoiding things that could upset or mean trouble for him)

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"I've gotta ask, how are you not dead?"
"I have no idea. Most people are shocked that I'm alive. I'm mainly disappointed."